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One of the many joys of starting that semi-retirement stage of life is being able to reconnect with passions that may have languished on the back burner as children were raised and livings were made. One of the many great joys of my particular passion, and being part of the fibre community, is the deep connection to a sisterhood of wonderful, creative women who share that passion. One of the surprising bonuses is to reconnect with someone after many years of life taking different directions.

Faith and I knew each other “in another life” many years ago, and have recently reconnected over our shared fibre art passion. It was my pleasure to visit her earlier this year and see her studio (not quite finished at that point) and catch up on life and things. Faith is a very successful and talented entrepreneur, and Sisterhood Fibres is her new, exciting venture. You can read a little bit about it in a recent article in Atlantic Business Magazine here. I am very excited to be collaborating with Faith on a workshop offering at the end of October. Please check out my Workshops tab for more information and sign up details!

I hope to use this blog to tell you about other talented women in my fibre arts community that are a constant source of support and inspiration, as I reconnect in many ways, so stay tuned!


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